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A 100 Icon Challenge

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Yes, yes, another 100 icon challenge. However, this one is different. You can choose any fandom you like (from anime to movies to musicians, etc.), but the themes are all lyrics pulled from songs. Same as most communities, the first 50 are sort of set themes. The second 50 are artist's choice. Got it? Sound like fun? Read the rules if you want to participate.

Making a Claim. First, join the community. You can't post if you don't join. ^_^ Now, you are ready to make a claim (after reading all the rules, of course). You may choose any fandom you like. It can be from an anime, manga, television show, movie, musician, band, actor, actress, characters from anime, movies, etc., whatever you like. You can make your claim at this post. There is a limit of three persons to a specific claim at one time. The claim list is on the claims post, so make sure the fandom you want to use is not taken. If it is, you can choose something else (if three people have claimed The Lion King, another three may claim the character Simba), or claim, and ask to be put on a waiting list. You may claim up to two subjects at once.

Posting. You may post your icons at any time after I've accepted your claim, and posting access is granted once you join the community. However, you may not post until your claim has been accepted. Use the following when posting. It is not necessary, but it helps keep things organized:
Username: (your username)
Subject: (your specific subject...ex. Aino Minako from Sailor Moon or Gilmore Girls General Series)
Lyrics: (which lyrics are you using? see Themes below for more info)
Themes in Post: (you don't have to, but it would be nice to list them)
# of Icons in Post: (# of icons in this specific post)
# of Icons Completed: (# of icons completed so far)
Credits: (if necessary...generally, I just link to a resource post, it makes things easier)
Make sure if there is anything that includes inappropriate language and content that is not safe for work, that it goes under the cut and you warn about it. No more than three icons for a teaser, the rest should be behind an lj cut. If you are using a banner when you post, make sure it is not any more than 300x250 pixels.

Time Limit. I do not place a time limit on the amount of time it takes to complete a claim. I understand the difficulty of updating in a short amount of time. However, if you go a whole year without updating, I will remove your claim from the list. I think that's a fair amount of time. If you just didn't get to it in a year, and you would like to complete your claim, then tell me somehow. Comment on the claims post or message me.

Themes. Please note that I have changed the format of themes on March 24, 2009. I am no longer posting lyrics lists. I would rather you use lyrics you like. As such, when you claim a subject, I will also ask that you also claim lyrics of some kind. I don't care how you choose. Suppose you chose "Love Songs." All of the lyrics you use must be love songs. Or maybe you choose a genre, "Rock Songs." You can do that as well. Or perhaps you'd like to choose one artist. Want to choose all Fall Out Boy songs? Go for it. Or do you really just like From Under the Cork Tree? Choose those lyrics only if you want. You do have to stick with these throughout the claim, though. Make sure you choose something that can give you 50 themes. The remaining 50 icons are artist's choice (you will have 100 icons total). Sound easy enough?

Completed Claim. Once you've completed your claim comment here. You'll get a banner to show off that you completed all 100 icons.

Affiliates. Want to affiliate? Comment here. As long as our communities have something in common, I'd love to affiliate.


Any questions? Click here.